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And why you should be doing it.

When we sit and think about stretching.. I’ll admit it most of us think about sitting still waiting for our muscles to stop being in crazy amounts of pain. Then we think of child’s pose, and bringing our knees to our chest, and reminding our body that we love it even though we stretch it.

Most of the times.. those stretches are considered static stretching and while that kind of stretching has it’s place in fitness, it has no place in before your work out routine.

Dynamic stretching started gaining massive popularity in the sports world about 10 years ago, and sadly it’s still taking a while to catch on. Maybe it’s because it’s hella hard to change mindsets once they are created. BUT WE ARE GOING TO TRY! “Why should I be doing dynamic stretches?” I’m SO GLAD you asked.

  1. Dynamic stretching starts to activate the muscles you are going to use in your work out. For example, if you do a walking lunge in your warm up, you are ACTIVELY using your legs, hip flexors, core, and ankles for balance.. that means when you go to lift something heavy or do a bunch of box jumps those muscles are ready and willing to take your weight. Where as if you do just a standing lunge (though you are using the muscles) it’s stagnate. Much like if you brush your hair VS just put a brush at the ends of your hair.
  2. Dynamic stretching helps you with body awareness. You know those times you run into the wall that’s always been there? Yeah it helps you not do that anymore. You’re welcome.
  3. Warming up with motion instead of static movement increases muscle performance. Yup. You read that right.. do you want to perform better, and overall have a better work out? That means you need motion in your warm up. Try the same stretches you are currently doing with some pulses in it.
  4. After the end of a long day have you ever tried, and struggled, to touch your toes? Dynamic stretching helps you feel more limber and will create a better range of motion and flexibility.

Moral of the story, use dynamic stretches, your body, mind, and muscles will thank you.