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Many times we think to ourselves that the only time our body is getting a workout is when we are pushing our hearts to that moment. When we are sweating, it’s hard to breathe, or sometimes our muscles ache. 

Well, today I’m here to tell you that sometimes all your body needs is to move. We live in a world where it’s so easy to get stuck on the couch all night after a busy day that we just sit there. Netflix takes over and we go from moving all day to staying stagnant all night. This is the part that is hard on your body. Our bodies need a little more than that, and while not everyone wants to get up and workout right before bed (which you shouldn’t anyways but we will cover that later) you do need to do something. 

So here are a few ideas to just get moving. 

1) Couch Stretches

Yup, it’s super easy like that. While you are sitting on the couch, stretch your traps, your neck, your back in spine twists. It’s easy to just flow your body while you sit there. It doesn’t even take away from any Netflix time. 


2) Get Up to Get Things

This seems silly.. but by placing things in other parts of the house it forces you to get off the couch and take a few steps every so often.. as you should be doing. It’s perfectly okay to lay on a couch and relax.. but every 20 minutes or so you should be doing some kind of movement. Therefore having food or water in the other room gets you to take a few steps when you want those items. 


3) Go on a Walk

I know.. I know… this sounds like an old person thing to do. Or something you should only do if you have a dog.. but come on! Going on a walk into the sunset by yourself is not only good for movement but it’s relaxing AF! You’re mind, body, and soul will thank you. Just take a walk. 

4) Bedtime Yoga

Okay, I may be going too far here on a rest day, or a lazy day. But doing some bedtime specific yoga before you crawl in for a good night’s sleep really is a great way to reduce back pain, and leg stiffness gathered throughout the day. Maybe just give it a try. 



There you have it! Let us know what else you like to do to get moving even when you don’t want to! 

Here are a few great basic movements you can do anywhere!