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The Summer sunshine is still beating down on you, and I don’t know about you, every once in awhile I need something more than just water, but I’m not a soda drinker. In fact, I’m not really an anything drinker, however, I LOVE sweetness. This whole summer I’ve been playing with water infusions, and I’ve figured out a few good recipes that really make a difference in my water drinking. From hydration to helping my stomach settle, there’s something in here for everyone.

Here are a few ways to mix up your water drinks and give you the refreshing hydration you are looking for.

First, how to properly infuse your water. It’s easier than you think.

Make sure that your fruit, herbs, or veggies are cleaned. For Herbs: tear or cut the leaves to make sure you get their oil in the water. For fruits- cut or slice to properly release their flavor. For Veggies, cut or peel.

Then place in the water. The more you put in the stronger the infusion. Leave in the fridge for at least an hour. Now on to all the different ideas to infuse your water and make sure things are tasty.

All the Citrus: 

Add Orange slices and lime slices to your glass.

a combo of pineapple, orange, or mango.


Extra Hydration: 

If you are needing a little more hydration in your life, try adding cucumber to your water.


Mineral Goodness: 




water infusion


Strawberry Sunshine: 




You’re welcome.


Veggies in Water: 

Apple slices, lemon, and some carrot slices.

Yes, this one is good.


Cinnamon Fall Water: 

Apple Slices

A cinnamon stick

Red pear

Boost your Metabolism: 

Strawberries in water will help with this!

Mix any other fruits or veggies in. Such as mint, pineapple, apple, or even some watermelon.

water infusions to boost your metabolism


Settle your tummy: 




-Lemon/lime slices You pick.



Remember however you infuse this water, you should change it out every 3 days as long as you are keeping it refrigerated. 

It’s easiest to store infusions in glass containers, from mason jars (found here)  to water bottles, get creative. Make sure to use reusable straws (Found here) .  You can also find a combo pack for cheap. (Found here)

Have fun and get creative, it’ll curb your soda needs, give you that sweetness burst, and hydrate you.