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4 Hamstring Stretches That Will Save Your Back

Tightness anywhere in the body travels. It doesn’t like to stay in one place. 

When muscle groups are unbalanced, under stretched, or far too stagnate (which happens because let’s face it most of us go in spurts of being active) these muscle groups cause problems elsewhere. 

For instance, tight hamstrings cause lower back pain, lower back pain radiates and can cause tension through the neck, head, and chest. 


So let’s fix it. 

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The 3 Best Back Toning Exercises

The perfect back work out isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it’s completely doable. 

It’s hard to find the motivation to hit every muscle group in your body. With summer happening now, and all things backless and strapless coming out, we thought this week we’d give you 5 exercises to help you tone and strength those hard to reach back muscles. 

Try doing these every day (they are quick, easy, and after a few times you might not even break a sweat, however, you will see a difference sooner rather than later. 

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Just Move

Many times we think to ourselves that the only time our body is getting a workout is when we are pushing our hearts to that moment. When we are sweating, it's hard to breathe, or sometimes our muscles ache.  Well, today I'm here to tell you that sometimes all your...

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Creating Good Habits

It’s pretty typical that we start off the new year with great intentions but then life happens and things get in the way. Before we know it, we’re back into the old habits instead of solidifying the new ones. If this sound familiar, let’s look at a few strategies to help new habits stick:

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