Sample Classes



Take your functional cross-training to the next level with this High Intensity Interval class. We’ve combined the power of plyometric training and added a dash of strength training to create this fun, yet challenging class.  This class is the perfect training supplement for athletes and exercise enthusiasts. In this class, explore new functional methods of building strength, stamina, and mobility. Let’s see what you’re made of on the water.



We’ve specifically designed this class with an older clientele in mind. As bodies change, their fitness and training needs evolve. In NSFOM, we’ll explore balance, core strength, mobility, and the neuromusculoskeletal chain. This class has been designed to increase balance through precise & controlled movements. Your muscles will be activated through static movements, engaging the nervous system, as opposed to repetitive concentric & eccentric movements.  As bodies age, and overall muscular strength deteriorates, it’s important to focus on training the nervous system to properly communicate with the muscular skeleton. We aim to build a body with cohesive & synergistic muscular coordination. We accomplish that objective by focusing on holding postures in an isometric state. Which in turn, reprograms & strengthens pathways of communication from your spinal cord to your musculoskeletal system.



Core X concentrates on proximal movement designed to strengthen & lengthen the entire body from the inside out. You’ll develop strength while simultaneously building range of motion working on abs, back, & glutes, as you flow on an unstable surface, for a fun twist to your training in this total body workout.   You’ll enjoy deep core conditioning by accessing stabilizing muscles concentrating on a variety of things from abdominal contraction, using the breath to guide the movement, and accessing a deeper focus from within. Core X will provide you the benefits of better stability & balance, as well as improved coordination.  You will build strength and condition the body toward better circulation, posture and improved muscle tone, leaving you centered and empowered from within.



Taking your yoga practice to a new level of intention. No longer can you go through the motions of your Sun Salutation while checking out mentally with the comfort of a firm foundation under you.  Practicing on the fit float requires the yogi’s full attention, mind, body, and soul in order to move seamlessly from one posture to the next while maintaining their balance.  This yoga class will start off slow centering and familiarizing you to the Fit Float using alignment techniques to set you up for success.  You’ll flow gradually into more challenging postures, utilizing your breath, with the option to modify if necessary.  Vinyasa style is encouraged to mindfully breath into postures providing a sense calm to your practice on the water.  Just like the ebb and flow of water, the practice will build gradually and then return you to your Savasana.