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As the leader in aquatic based stability training (ABST), GlideFit is proud to provide high performance/high durability products.
The GlideFit mat is commercial grade construction to ensure a long-lasting and enjoyable fitness experience for class participants of all ability levels.


  • The seams of the GlideFit are welded together opposed to glued together so they can withstand extremely low and high temperatures without melting or cracking

  • The sidewalls of the GlideFit are s double-layer structural skin, which is also used in making aircrafts, rockets, and military watercrafts such as the Zodiac because of its light weight and extreme durability.

  • The GlideFit can be pumped up to 25 psi (pounds per square inch) and we recommend minimum inflation of 15 psi. We are able to inflate to this high pressure because of our drop stitch construction. Drop stitch is a process that connects the top and bottom of the GlideFit with thousands of polyester fabric strands that are evenly spaced throughout the interior of the GlideFit.

Even though other aquatic fitness mats may look similar, please make sure you are purchasing a long-lasting, high quality product.

With the rapidly growing interest in aquatic based stability training we introduced the GlideFit, the perfect solution for aquatic floating fitness. Designed for indoor and outdoor pools, this unique floating fitness mat enables gyms, resorts, recreation centers, and paddle enthusiasts to get all the benefits of core stabilization and the challenge of instability with a smaller, more portable board option. Our Fit is designed for CardioWave, high intensity interval training, yoga or rehabilitation.



If you are interested in bringing Glide FIT to your studio, gym, facility or your home, send us a message.



If you are interested in bringing Glide FIT to your studio, gym, facility or your home, just give us a call.