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I’m a list maker in almost every aspect of my life.  I have daily to do lists, weekly projects, monthly goals, and annual resolutions.  Yes, I am very Type A…but I’ve also learned to appreciate rolling with the punches when bumps in the road occur.  Here’s the thing about goal setting:  for me, it serves as a motivation to get things done.  If I have something big to shoot for I can create daily steps to get there.  There’s nothing quite like accomplishing something after a period of hard work and perserverence.

Realistic goal setting is reaching high, but giving yourself steps or smaller goals to get you there.  The great thing about stair stepping your way to the top to reach your goal is some days we’re going to be able to skip a step and other days we’ll be forced to take a step back down.  Why is this great? It’s far less defeating to have a minor set back on your way to greatness than feel as though you’ve failed in reaching your main goal.

Another tip that has helped me whether it’s training for a race, studying for a test, or saving for an expensive trip…write it down.  Come up with a POA, plan of attack, that’s going to get you there.  Daily goals, weekly inventories, all of these things written down in a very tangible way help me head in the right direction.  Not only does this motivate me, but I can look back and see how far I’ve come on those days when I’ve had to take a step back due to a bump in the road.

Lastly, never rest on your laurels…or so my grandmother would always say.  Once you’ve reached your goal, set another and keep on trucking.  And since we’ve represented the grandmas let’s end by representing the grandpas…I had a friend whose grandfather once said, “it’s better to shoot for the stars and miss, than shoot for sh#* and hit.”

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