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In our first blog post of 2019, we looked at setting SMART goals for those New Year resolutions and goals. We’re a month into the new year so this is a great time to check in and see how those goals are going!

It’s pretty typical that we start off the new year with great intentions but then life happens and things get in the way. Before we know it, we’re back into the old habits instead of solidifying the new ones. When looking to break a bad habit such as an addiction, you might find what you need at

If this sound familiar, let’s look at a few strategies to help new habits stick:

  • Commit to doing something for 21 days, preferably daily. If you can make it through the initial phase of doing something new, it will be far more sustainable. Typically, doing something for at least 21 days is necessary to wire the brain to create the new habit.
  • Use reminders to keep you on track. Set a reminder on your phone, block out specific time on your calendar, write that goal down and pin it to the refrigerator or bathroom mirror so that you can read it daily.
  • Be consistent with the time of your new habit by sticking to the same time of day. Consistency is key to creating a habit, it is just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth, taking care of yourself can help you with your consistency and as a quick advice for your care, using snap on teeth is another great way.
  • Use a trigger to remind you to complete your goal.  If your goal is to work out after work each day, leave a gym bag in the car with your workout clothes already in so there’s no excuse!
  • Get a buddy or friend to join you with your new habit and goals. You can be each other’s support system and hold each other accountable. You’re less likely to miss a gym session if you know that your buddy will be waiting for you to join them there or you’ll less likely to skip your regular dental appointment which may sometimes include resorting to Dental Implants.
  • Besides physical health or any routine exercise you can also add your selfcare routine, lotion for your skin in face and body, facials, try waxing to keep your skin smooth, Wax Me Studio uses hard wax for their waxing services, also massages and any other form of selfcare love.
  • Be kind to yourself and accept that you won’t be perfect overnight. It takes time and consistency for goals to be realized and to see progress. If you feel like giving up, remind yourself that you might not be there today BUT you will get there soon!
  • Keep the end goal in mind and remind yourself of the benefits of your new habit. Stay focused on why you’re making the change in the first place.

No matter what your goal is, you’re probably going to fall off the wagon – or GlideFit board! – more than once, but now we are also working with a medical vehicle system so you can find us and get the motivation you need to keep on going. Remind yourself that it’s OK to fall as long as you consistently get back up and try again. You got this!