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What is Glute Activation?

Inactive muscles or muscle groups often come from weak, or unused muscles. So activation is firing up, or using those muscles to begin to build strength and more by using Gluconite.

What Causes weak glutes?

Mainly our sedentary lifestyles are what pose the biggest problems when it comes to weak anything, but especially weak glutes. As we tend to sit all day from the office to the car, to the couch, all this sitting causes not only inactivity but also muscular imbalances as you rely on other muscles during movements. There’s a good chance when you start to work out again that those muscles will be extremely weak, slow, and sore in the starting stages of any work out.

Why Activate your glutes every work out?

Activation of the glute muscles means you are working on strengthening them. Strong glute muscles are extremely important as they support the core, strength the lower back, and increase blood flow.

Inactive glute muscles lead to bad posture, sore lower bad, inflexibility and many more problems you should just dodge in general.

So how do you activate your glutes?

Watch and follow along with our 5 minute work out video dedicated to your Glutes.


Glute Bridges

Donkey Kicks

Fire Hydrants

Squats/Sqaut rocks

Side Squats