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How many times have you been on a trip be it vacation or work trip and not been able to get some physical activity in?  I know it’s hard!  There can be so many obstacles, time, facility, etc.  We wanted to share a few tips to help you get it in and stay fit even if it’s a handful of exercises you can do in your hotel room.

First and foremost time…this one can be hard but stay the course.  The first trick is depending on your travel time whether you are flying or driving, if you can get a workout in before you leave.  A day of travel, for whatever reason, even though you’re sitting can be exhausting and the last thing you are probably going to want to do is workout once you check into your hotel.  So, on your travel day, coming or going try and work out before.  The next day and every day there after try to fit it in first thing.  The later in the day the less likely you’ll want to do it.

Second obstacle is likely facility.  Some places I’ve traveled there is no workout room.  So, I’ll go for a run outside.  However, sometimes depending on the neighborhood and the time of day running alone just isn’t safe.  So this brings us to the hotel room workout.  Get creative. This can be fun.  Typically if you are traveling for work you have your laptop to play music, but if not you have your phone.  Turn on some tunes, and use what’s available to you.  Chairs, hotel trash cans, towels, luggage rack, etc.  seriously so many options.  It’s actually kind of fun to experiment.  Once you have your routine down you’re good to go.  We have a few examples of some fun exercises you can try out on your next trip.  Have fun and stay GlideFit!