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One of the most important things we can do to better our performance physically is to fuel properly.  We’ve discussed this a bit in a previous post, but let’s talk specifically about two popular go to items…toast & Kombucha.

Alright want the quick low down on Kombucha?  Basically it is a black tea mixed with sugar and put through a fermentation process.  That might be over simplifying things a bit but what you get is a tasty probiotic beverage.  Why is it good?  It contains ageing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that assist in digestion, detoxing the liver, & improve pancreas function as well as many other things.  Kombucha can come in many different flavors.  One of our faves is the Cosmic Cranberry by GT Kombucha.  If you’re interested in founding out a little more about this curious healthy tea check out

Ok, on to toast… this is another popular menu item lately.  There are typically so many to choose from sweet, savory, spicy, the options can be endless.  The toast pictured in this post was made with fresh bread, a salsa verde spread, tomatoes, arugula, pickled onions, salmon, avocado, poached egg, and snap peas courtesy of Harvest in Park City, Utah.  This was more than filling and coming from someone who eats a lot, one piece of this toast did the trick and fueled me for the rest of the day till dinner time.  Need some inspiration to get your toast game on?

Super lunch combo to fuel your way to getting GlideFit!