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Over the past two weeks we’ve seen a lot of amazing athletes competing on the world stage at the Olympics.  Regardless of how well they do while in Pyeong Chang, they are all what I like to call Bad Ass. They are Bad Ass for many reasons not only because of their physical prowess but their mental tenacity, & possibly overcoming other obstacles along their journey.

Each of us has an inner Bad Ass, I don’t care who you are, what you look like, if you work out or not.  The trick is tapping into that inner Bad Ass.  Typically you can find it by doing the things you enjoy & like I said it doesn’t have to be physical.  You could be a Bad Ass chess player.  Whatever it is put your game face on & own your Bad Assery!

And while we’re speaking of Bad Asses…here are a few glute exercises to tone your tush….

Side laying hip abduction….bottom leg bent to 45 degrees while top leg lift/lowers for 30 seconds. For an extra challenge add a loop band for some resistance as the leg lifts/lowers

Standing monster walks….find & keep a deep squat while stepping forward and back for 30 seconds.  Again add that loop band for more resistance.

Side laying clamshell…bottom leg bent to 45 degrees along with the top while you open/close for 30 seconds.  Option to add band.

Standing Lateral walks…find & keep a deep squat while stepping side to side for 30 seconds.  Option to increase difficulty by using the loop band.

Try these four exercises for five rounds and see if you feel like a Bad Ass!