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Research continually shows that HIIT classes can produce results in less time.  So, what is HIIT?  High intensity interval training.  English, right?….These classes have burst of high cardio work with recovery time that usually targets strength exercises.  Studies have shown participants who complete two & a half minutes of intense exercise or five 30second bursts with 4 minutes of recovery time in between each set,  can burn on average an 200 extra calories.  What does this mean exactly?  We can workout with the same or better benefits for less time.  Shorter workouts, YES!!!

Not only are HIIT workouts shorter with great benefits, but typically tend to mix things up and keep us engaged mentally.  Try this mini sample one on for size and see how it goes….

5 min warmup to get heart rate up safely

30 sec plank jacks

1 min each basic crunch, hands to forearm plank (up/downs),

on back leg lift/lower slow, plank shoulder taps

30 sec standing speed squats,  4min. repeat strength exercises above

30 sec mt. climbers, 4min. repeat strength exercises above

30 sec scissor lunges, 4min. repeat strength exercises above

30 sec donkey kicks, 4min. repeat strength exercises above

cool down by stretching fatigued muscles used

For a bigger challenge and super fun workout try out a HIIT class on or off the water using a GlideFit or TeraFit.  Locations here: