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Welcome to February! How did everyone do on their new years resolutions and goals? To be completely honest, I have hit some of my goals, and others well not so much…  Our VP of Fitness did a great post on how to achieve your goals by building habits. I had all the tools I need to hit my goals, so what happened? My willpower was not strong enough. Plain and simple.

I have never been a “fitness” person in the traditional sense. I am not the guy who jumps out of bed stoked to go to the gym and bust our some squats, or go for a run rain or shine (or lets be honest go for a run at all). That’s just not who I am.

What I do love is being outside in nature. I love riding my bike from Ecosmo, paddleboarding, or surfing. To be me activities are fun and not exercise, yes I know they are exercise, but the fun factor outwieghs the pain factor.  So its very easy for me to get excited and look forward to doing these things. It takes virutally zero will power to get out and get moving if it has something to do with being outside.

In a perfect world I would just spend my “exercise” time doing these things and never have to worry about going to the gym or working out at home ever again. Well I live in Utah, we have winter, so my go to activities are snowed in, and I have to face the fact that I need to workout so every spring is not spent starting over agian. And here we are the dead of winter, and have I hit my goals for spring? No.  Its that pesky willpower, its just not strong enough.

Like most things in life willpower can be built up and developed.  There are a ton of great articles on diffrent approaches to building your willpower, so go crazy with the Googles if you want and read up on the many diffrent techniques you can apply to your life to become a willpower master.

As you all know, I am not a willpower master, so for me dulling our advice seems a little silly. Instead were going to just buckle down the old fashioned way and start commit to a Febuary challenge.  And by the end of the month our collective willpower will be so strong that nothing can stop us! Or well more likely we can all pat ourselves on the back and know that we have started a good foundation of willpower and one that hopefully we countinue to build on.

The Challenge

20 Pushups Everyday.

Thats it. Just 20 pushups every day of Febuary. You do not have to do them all at once, you can break it up thoughout the day. Just commit to yourself that every single day you are going complete 20 pushups before you go to bed.

This is not about the pushups, its about developing our willpower by doing something that is not in our normal routine and sticking with it for 30 days.

I will be posting a photo of my pushups everyday, and I encourage you all to particpate along with me with your photos and videos. We need to hold ourselves accountable for doing the work, so for you Instagramers of the world hash tag #glidefitwillpower  For all of you seeing this in Facebook land feel free to use the hashtag or to post a photo or video of you doing the work and replying to my  update.  I will be doing a update once per week with my weeks progress, I am excited to hear how your first week went!

Now drop and give me 20!