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I think we can all agree in the health & wellness/ fitness industry world trends come and go quite frequently.  Diets, routines, & regiments all seem to have their moment and fade once they either don’t produce the results one is looking for or aren’t engaging enough to keep the interest of the participant.  There are some tried and true classics that never seem to fade & will always produce results if done correctly & consistently.

Glide owner, Ken Driscoll, suggested a challenge back in February to increase will power.  The challenge was simple, 20 pushups every day for the entire month.  Whether or not folks accomplished the task, the pushup is a classic & I dare say everyone knows what a pushup is, it’s universal.  It’s a foundation the CardioWave program bases so many other movements off of.  From mountain climbers to plank jacks, exercise enthusiasts will reap the rewards of mastering the pushup.    The entire body hovers the earth engaging multiple muscle groups all working together to perform both the downward & upward motion.

*Tips &  tricks…For proper position, draw your belly button toward your spine.  Keep your gaze about a foot in front of your hands to maintain the integrity of the natural curve in the cervical spine, while actively reaching the crown of the head sending energy forward.  Stack shoulders over wrists and don’t allow the hips to rise too high or drop too low as this could have adverse affects on the kinetic chain, particularly the lower back.  Finally, reach with the heels and send energy out the bottoms of the feet.

Try out these tips & let us know how it goes.  A month worth of pushups can really start at any time.  So, for those who didn’t quite make it the first time around, tomorrow’s a great day to try again! & come get GlideFit!