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Recently I had the opportunity to meet another fitness trainer who referred to glutes as apples not applesauce.  Comical yes, but brings a very tangible image to that major muscle group.  If we are engaging the glutes they should be hard like apples not applesauce.

One of the most difficult moves to execute on the GlideFit that will get you those apples, whether on land or water, is the lunge.  Reason being is the surface area is a very narrow point of contact on the board and therefore creates greater instability.  A lunge performed on stable ground can be challenging enough but taking it to an unstable surface really ups the ante.  It is surprising to first time participants just how challenging it can be.

There are some tips & tricks to nailing that lunge.  First off, allow your stance on the board to be wider than it typically is on land while still maintaining proper alignment.  The more comfortable you get you can bring the stance to a more narrow position.  Start off with your hands on the board to steady yourself and figure out the placement of your feet that works for you as you find your center of gravity.  Play around with this, when you feel confident slowly release the hands from the board and gradually bring them to your hips, or even reach to the sky.  Use your gaze to steady yourself & remember, the body follows the gaze.  You’ll also likely notice an asymmetry in terms of one side being stronger than the other.

You’ll find a greater body awareness, or proprioception as you explore movements on an unstable surface that you are use to doing on the ground.  One of the greatest reasons why you take your workout to an unstable surface.  Have fun exploring and come get GlideFit!

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