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Seems like everywhere you go workout regiment consist of the new favorite exercise – burpees.  There’s a variety of reason why we love to hate the exercise.  From the high impact ( if not doing it on a Fit board that absorbs the impact), to some folks experiencing dizziness moving high to low, to the nature of the movement fatiguing the body quickly resulting in bad form potentially leading to injury.

There are so many variations and ways to do a burpee, we even have an aquatic burpee to do on the GlideFit as part of our CardioWave program, but if a burpee just isn’t for you there are other options out there.  A burpee asks for full body mobility and stability from most joints while using a high level of coordination.  Here are three options to try instead:

In/Out Squats…

Start with feet close together and squat by reaching the tailbone back and down. Tap the ground or the outside of your ankles. Ascend quickly from the squat to jump or step your feet out wide to squat again, this time tapping the ground or the inside of your ankles. Alternating in and out. Try to stay consistent touching the same spot each time to for full range of motion throughout. The emphasis of the exercise should be on the quick step or jump of the feet out and in. These can be done on solid ground or for a much bigger challenge take it to a Fit, either the Terra or the Glide.  On either board try facing front first then try the exercise facing the side, so much harder!!  Whatever surface you decide upon take 3 sets of 10 reps work your way up to 20.

Oblique Frog Hops…

From a table top position, float your knees to hover above a couple inches from the floor.  Either walk or jump your feet in and to the side so both feet finish behind your right wrist. Return to the starting position, and repeat by walking or jumping in so that your feet finish behind the left wrist. Emphasize small, quick steps to maximize the challenge of this movement. For a good burnout, try 10 to the right then 10 to the left.  Work you way up to 20 reps each side.  These can also be done on a Fit to challenge your balance as well, try them facing front.

Double Donkey Kicks…

Start from a standing position, reach arms to the sky, hinge at the hips and fold forward to place hands on your mat and step to a table top position with knees hovering.  Pressing off the balls or your feet, kick heels up to hover bent legs in the air, land to step back into a folded position and come up to stand, reach, and repeat. Start with 10 reps and work you way up to 20.  These can be done on a Fit, just make sure you are facing front with a nice wide stance to maintain your balance.

Remember there are always options and variation if something isn’t quite accessible to you so you can work your way up to the full variation.  Come get GlideFit!