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Glide FIT is a new shift in the fitness industry, we have created a platform for aquatic based stability training (ABST). Balance training has been used for years by elite athletes wanting  maximize functional training.  Functional training and balance training is now making its way into the mainstream and the FIT is a perfect way to introduce the benefits of stability training into your gym. One of the most exciting parts of the CardioWave and FIT is that is fun! And it will bring new members into your facility.

Its been a long journey from where we are today to where it all started. My background is not fitness, and to be honest I have spent very little training inside a gym in a traditional manner. My path to where we are now started with my career as a professional white water kayaker. I took my first kayaking class my freshman year of college at the University of Utah, I thought it would be a fun way to to learn something new and be able to spend more time in the water. I knew nothing about kayaking, I thought you knelt in them, it turns our you sit in them, whew knew? From that very first class I was hooked,  and I saved up and bought a used boat and was on the water as much as I could. Eventually this lead to a sponsorship’s and I was soon traveling the world doing what I loved. Most the the training I did was in my boat, but I did spend time with a personal trainer. Back then I thought the trainer might be crazy and somehow thought that kayaking  was something that was done in the circus. In my mind I thought I would be lifting weights, grunting a lot, and maybe running on a treadmill while “Eye of the Tiger” played. Nope. None of that. I spent my days in the gym on balance balls while he tossed me medicine balls, one leg squats on a bosu ball, and anything else he could come up with to keep on a unstable surface while he tortured me. After coming of a season stability training, I performed better than I have ever in my kayak. That was 20 years ago…. my trainer may have been onto something.

ken driscoll kayak

This all ended when I injured my back, hip and legs. It became to painful to sit in a kayak anymore, and it was over as fast as it began. After that I was always looking for a way to get back on the water and I was the co-founder of Glide SUP, in the beginning a stand up paddle company that was devoted to making boards for white water paddling. That quickly evolved into boards for all things, from race, surfing, flat water, and Yoga. Yoga exploded for us, and remains a really cool part of the business. Yoga on the boards allowed yogis a connection to nature, and lots of other yogi things (yes I am not a yogi, sorry) but the part I got fascinated by was how yoga on the boards was being used to correct body imbalances. Doing yoga on the board is essentially ABST, the unstable surface would not allow the practitioner to favor a side, you had to work on your weakness and develop all the muscles, tendons and ligaments or you would end up on the water.  SUP yoga is an incredible way to bring balance to your yoga practice.

While SUP Yoga is incredible, most people enjoy it the most outdoor in nature. You can bring the boards into the pool and have a great practice but we knew there could be a better platform for indoor training, and that’s where the FIT idea first started. It would be an ideal way for all the SUP yoga teachers to easily bring the practice to the pool. That was in its infancy. The FIT platform could be a great yoga platform, but it could also be so much more. It could be the next evolution of stability training. It could be used for HIIT, functional body weight strength training, and so much more.

CardioWave was developed to make use of the Glide FIT platform and combine the latest research in  HIIT training, strength training, stretching, and combine all three of these into a incredible new fitness class. Most importantly CardioWave is fun. And it kicks your butt. With the Glide FIT it can be used in the water or on land.

Is it a fad?

No. Functional training, and stability training is growing in popularity, and shows no signs of slowing down. We are dedicate to keeping CardioWave the premier training program for ABST and land based stability training.  Our staff is dedicate in making this program a success for your gym, hospital, or fitness facility. Please let us know how we can help you in bringing the FIT and CardioWave into your facility.