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To kick off October we’d like to feature one of our talented certified instructors.  Once a month our readers/followers, & friends can get to know our team across the globe as we discuss the ins and outs of being in the fitness industry and being part of the GlideFit CardioWave team.

Meet Ashley, exuberant, full of life, doing what she loves and it shows!  Based in Nashville, she teaches at a handful of locations including the Downtown YMCA.

Q. What drew you to the fitness industry?
A.  Growing up I was very active in sports and it’s something that carried into my adulthood (on and off of course) my passion for fitness went beyond being fit but I wanted to help others find fitness plans that worked for them
Q.  How is fitness personally important to you?
A. It started off being important to me because I worked in a high-volume sales environment that was extremely stressful and I was looking for a way to balance my personal life and work life. I found fitness to be my outlet especially things like yoga, Pilates, and running. From that point it turned into a lifestyle and started affecting all areas of my life.
Q.  What types of classes do you teach?
A. I teach a variety of different styles of yoga such as Vinyasa- Power-Restorative- and Glidefit yoga
Q.  Why is it important to you to get certified in a program before teaching it?
A.  I feel it’s important to get certified in a program because you need to be educated on any subject matter before you can offer that information. Also I’m responsible for guiding someone through a workout which means they are not only trusting in me to guide them through a great workout but to keep them safe from harm and injuries. 
Q.  What do you love most about your job?
A. I Love meeting new people! I love leading people to try something new and/or helping them stay interested in their yoga practice
Q.  How would you describe your teaching style?
A. Fun-Confident and Strong! I always want people to just feel good about themselves and have a great time- be confident in “their” workout, helping them understand that their practice is their practice and there’s no comparison. I want all my students to feel strong both mentally and physically after leaving my class
Q. What drew you to become a GlideFit instructor?
A.  Yoga on water and not on the lake- sign me up! LOL! Honestly I just thought it was very cool. I loved the variation Glidefit offered as a workout and it’s another cool workout that could be done year around.
Q.  What do you love most about teaching GlideFit classes?
A.  The commitment from my students to get better and better each week- it’s very rewarding to see the growth
Q. What do you think GlideFit does for your body that is different from any other workout?
A. Offers balance- mental and physical. I think Glidefit offers both a physical and mental workout that’s carried out throughout the class. In a Glidefit class you have to be physically and mentally alert at all times to keep your balance- there’s no time to drift to lala land!
Q.  If you could share one thing you’ve learned through teaching with other instructors what would it be?
A. Be patient and understand that EVERYONE’s body is different and can’t adapt quickly to certain movements and shapes. Take time with students to help get them to their end goal- make all students feel equal no matter experience.
Q.  What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?
A. Following my dreams! I left my corporate career early this year to follow my passion in yoga/fitness and I have been very blessed so far  with opportunities and I think to myself – Wow! This is only the very beginning!
Q.  Tell us one thing most folks may be surprised to learn about you.
A. This is a good question … although I’m very much a people person and love being with people- I yearn for the days I can lock myself up in the house and not communicate with the world- I’m a HUGE fan of being alone.
Q.  If you weren’t doing your current job what would you be doing instead?
A.  We’ll I left my career in IT Business Development to live my dream in the Yoga/Fitness world so the only thing better than this at this time in my life is to be Mommy! So I guess I would be 100% focused on starting a family sooner than later! LOL!
Our thanks go out to Ashley for being to share a piece of herself with us and all who have the chance to read.  Our instructors are what make this program so amazing & hugely successful.  If you’re interested in becoming part of the team check us out .  
Enjoy your day!