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In the spirit of the holiday season, I just couldn’t resist.  We as instructors get this question all the time.  So let’s chat about it.  Yes, the class is in a pool and yes, you will be getting wet.  Having said that you also want to be comfortable, free from worrying about wardrobe malfunctions…they happen to the best of us.  I tell my clients/patrons wear what you are going to be comfortable in but just know it WILL get wet.  Form fitting is best, as when you get wet, if you are wearing baggy clothes, it will simply bog you down and be difficult to get through your workout.  There are better fabric options to look for.  Cotton is not ideal as it maintains moisture.  When is doubt ask us, we’re happy to make suggestions on certain brands, fabric types, etc.   If you need some examples you can always check out our instgram account  @glidefit to see what others are wearing.

Don’t let it hold you back from coming to get your GlideFit on!