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Forget New Year’s Resolutions, let’s set some goals & get to work….


I think it’s safe to say most people are over 2017 for a variety of reasons, and even if you had a good 2017, a clean slate is always nice to kick off a new year.  As most folks do, we make resolutions and typically at least one of their resolutions has to do with getting fit, losing weight, etc.  Instead, I invite you to set a goal.  A goal to be a healthier version of you.  Maybe this includes eating a little better, moving a little more, opening your mind to meditation for mental/spiritual health.  Whatever it is dedicating yourself to a healthier you is a broad goal, so set smaller, specific, time oriented goals.

If you are going for completing your first 5k, acknowledge what you are starting with.  Can you jog the block?  Are you dealing with some old injuries?  Do you have a specific time you’d like to finish?  Ask yourself very specific questions then formulate your plan.

If your 5k is in June, that is your big goal.  Smaller goals to hit along the way should be monthly, weekly, as well as daily.  For example if you are going for finishing without stopping to walk and you haven’t been running at all, your big 5k goal is basically to run 3.1 miles nonstop.  In order to set your monthly/weekly/daily targeted goals map out a one mile route in your neighborhood or head to the local high school and hit the track.  This way you can measure where you are starting in terms of your current capability.  If you know where you are starting you can measure improvement and be motivated to keep going in order to reach your BIG goal.

All right, so, you are able to run a quarter of a mile but fatigue quickly walk a little and run again.  So your 1 mile test run was what I like to lovingly refer to as a “wog” (walk/jog).  First of all, acknowledge that you are out, which is more than the guy still sitting on the couch.  Secondly, mentally how do you feel?  Lastly, how does your body feel?  Sometimes you realize those old running shoes just aren’t going to do the trick.  Typically if you feel it in your joints, regardless if they look brand new, you need new shoes.  That’s an entire blog entry of its own.  Mentally you felt good for getting out, physically it was a challenge but overall your body might be sore but that’s to be expected.  Note, there is a difference between pain and soreness.  This requires you to really listen to your body & don’t let your mind take over.  It’s a fine line.  Challenge yourself but be aware at the same time.

So we have our baseline, let’s set some goals! Let’s start from big to small.  We have our 5k goal.  We need to set some monthly goals to hit on our way.  In establishing your base you couldn’t run more than a qtr. mile, so first month is to double that and run a solid 1/2 mile without stopping and increase that goal every month by adding a 1/2 mile to get you to your 3.1 mile goal by race day.

Monthly targets, check!  Now weekly….if you aren’t use to being physical or setting time aside to get a workout in this might be your biggest challenge.  First week go for 3 days of getting out and working improving your “wog”.  Work your way up to eventually getting 5 days a week in.  Notice I haven’t said time or distance….yet.  In the beginning we want to set a pattern of behavior without getting too caught up in how far you’re going or how long it’s taking you.  That’ll naturally come later as your self efficacy grows.

We’ve got our weekly goal, now let’s talk daily.  So how can you set daily goals if you are only wogging 3-5x a week and there are 7 days in a week?  Even when we aren’t working out we make daily choices that effect our body.  What’s going in as fuel?  Are we drinking enough water?  Are we getting enough sleep?  There are other daily variables that have an effect some we can control and some we can’t.  Tackle the ones you can control.  Always have a water bottle with you.  This is a pretty easy habit to develop.  Some people come back and say but then I’m going to the bathroom all the time.  Maybe in the beginning yes, but your body adjusts.  You’d be amazed at the positive things that happen to your body just from staying hydrated.  Be mindful of what you’re eating.  We can expect our body to perform at it’s best if we’re fueling it with trash.  This doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself with a treat here and there.  Recognize the different between snacks and treats.  A Snickers is NOT a snack, that’s a treat.  Yes, I know it tastes good but how is your body going to feel after.  These are two variables we can definitely control on a daily basis. So daily goal, pay attention to what goes in your mouth, stay hydrated, and try to set your schedule so you’re getting a good amount of sleep.  These three things will help achieve your weekly,monthly, & BIG goals.

Use this formula to set whatever your 2018 goals are and stay tuned for our 8 week challenge to keep you going & get GlideFit.